Mini Forge KIT

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Product Overview

DIY Mini Forge Kit 

Paint and bricks not included.

Prep the steel. Make one simple bend. Paint it. Slide it together. And you're ready to fire it up!

Base kit requires additional items: paint. 4 firebrick splits, available from hardware store or here.

This kit is based on our mini forge design and will fit all the mini forge accessories--stand, hood, and foundry. It includes the precut 12 gauge raw steel needed, the special cut bricks and kaowool to make a sturdy, long lasting forge that is optimally designed to burn charcoal or raw wood. 

The compact size (16"x16"x9") is ideal for many projects. The inside length of the firebed is 9". 

The trench shape focuses the charcoal--and the heat--at the draft line. The draft is delivered through a simple non-adjustable vented tube.

Building instructions HERE. 

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