About Us

Our Core Values:

Our family embraces three key tenets that guide our business. 

1. Confidence comes from doing. There is something elemental about being able to take a piece of scrap metal and fashion it into the item you need for a task. A person who can literally bend steel to their will does not easily admit defeat, and learns that they can exercise power in their world. 

2. Energy independence is the core of self sufficiency. The owner of the fuel you use owns your ability to work. Our forges enable use of the fuel that many have on hand in abundance: wood. 

3. The key to durable freedom is possessing the means of production. Most blacksmiths don't think much about Gandhi or his quest for independence for India. But Gandhi wanted every household to possess a spinning wheel so that no foreign nation could hold the power of making textiles away from the people of India. In a similar spirit, we offer a range of rugged blacksmith forges at price points accessible to all, so that as many as possible can have the means to work metal. 

It is our hope that the products we provide will encourage your quest for self-reliance. 

Whitlox Homestead was started in 2013, making the Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge. The forge was designed by Chuck Whitlock for his then teen aged daughter, Cori, so she could blacksmith at home without having to source coal. Cori's been using the forge ever since and you can find her forged creations in her Etsy Store. Hear the story here:


Since then, we have also added the Whitlox Foundry accessory for casting and Whitlox Guillotine tool, and a small selection of factory made hand tools to outfit your shop. 

Our family works together on manufacturing the Whitlox products and providing them to you. We see our blacksmith products as an integral part of a homestead lifestyle of self-reliance, skill building and love of learning. 

We stand by everything we sell 100%: if it doesn't work great for you, please contact us so we can help you out!