Build Guides

Building the Whitlox Mini Wood-Fired Forge:

Printable Instructions Here

Troubleshooting: the most common mistake is assembling the forge inside out. The flanges of the sides go down, NOT cradling the bricks. The effect of this error is a bigger than spec gap in the bottom of the forge, and the draft tube being slanted. 

Mini Stand Assembly troubleshooting: the most common problem is the stand does not fit the forge. If this happens, check to make sure 1. The side supports are assembled inside of the stand, not outside. 2. The long side supports are on the bottom, short sides in the upper holes. 3. The stand is assembled loosely until the forge is put on, and then the bolts tightened. 


Assembling the Fullsize Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge

Printable Instructions for Fullsize