Fullsize Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge

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Specially designed to free craftsmen from fossil fuels, the Whitlox Wood-Fired Blacksmith Forge is made for rugged efficiency using easy to get wood fuel. Burn it raw or make charcoal first. 

  • The trench shape provides the necessary fire depth for wood to burn down to charcoal and concentrate at the draft line. 
  • Eleven gauge steel construction for the ideal rigidity and longevity. 
  • The firebed is lined with half inch thick kaowool mineral fiber batting to insulate and protect the body, keeping both the forge body and the shop cooler. Then a lining of firebricks is installed for durability and heat retention, making a smokeless fire easy to maintain. 
  • movable divider slides and clamps in any location, allowing you to concentrate the fire in just the amount of space needed for your project. If you need to heat the middle of a long bar, just grab tongs and remove the brick in front of the divider. The back of the forge is cut away to allow even a very long bar to lay across the fire. 
  • The adjustable tuyere is one of the most innovative features of the fullsize forge. The tube within a tube design allows you to dial up just the number of holes you want open, for perfect control of air flow. (See video  below)
Many hours of use by many blacksmiths have proven the fullsize Wood-Fired Blacksmith Forge works: you can forge steel with wood fuel, even without making charcoal first.

You can choose one of our two blowers to go with your Wood-Fired Forge: a light duty electric fan (50 cfm) with a stomp switch that latches on/off, or the Zomax hand-crank blower. Either of them will come with a mounting bracket, duct and hardware when ordered with the forge from this page.

If a sturdy portable blacksmith forge is necessary for your shop situation, consider adding the stand. The forge stand is 26" tall, of welded construction, and has two rubber wheels to make it easy to roll out or put away. This option is highly recommended.

Add a hood! While the forge works great open, a hood adds comfort and convenience as it keeps smoke and sparks away from your work area. It is constructed of 16 gauge steel with a 6" diameter 24" stovepipe. 

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