Foundry Accessory

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Product Overview

Foundry accessory set for melting low temperature metals over a wood fire in either size Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge. This steel crucible and support structure mounts directly on the forge, converting it to a portable foundry, perfect for your aluminum casting project or melting lead for reloading or making fishing weights. The long pipe handles on the crucible allow you to support the far edge and just turn the handle to pour, for better control. NEW: now comes with a small quantity of green sand to put in the bottom of the crucible to increase longevity. 

Not recommended for copper. Consider buying an electric blower if you will be using your forge as a foundry--cranking for a half hour solid can be tiring. 

Disclaimer: user assumes all risk associated with using this product. Steel crucibles will degrade over time, check for soundness before each use. 

Warranty Information

1 year warranty for defects in manufacture.

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